Take-Along Dog Carrier Bag

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A designer, custom-made bag to carry your dog anywhere you go. Our Take-Along carrying bag allows you to keep your pet right next to you where they feel most secure. Unlike other dog carriers that force your dog's legs into unnatural positions, the Take-Along lets your pooch settle into a position that's most comfortable for them. See our wide selection of Fabric Patterns (https://www.wagoutfitters.com/fabric/). Enter the name of the fabric you want in the open box when ordering. This dog carrier bag helps calm dogs with anxieties as it "hugs" them close to you. Keeping your dog's weight positioned at waist-height means a dog carrier that is easier on your back. Machine washable & dryable.

Product features:
* Available in a wide variety of fun and stylish fabric options
* Allows your dog to be carried comfortably close to you
* Pouch design allows your dog to relax in a natural position
* Generously padded carrying pouch
* Draw-string cinch to allow for pouch expansion
* Easily adjustable strap with hidden buckle system
* Padded shoulder strap in "S" form for better weight distribution
* Pocket on back for accessories
* Safety hook inside to clasp to collar or harness.

Available Sizes:
* Small (10" long x 8" deep; up to 4 lbs)
* Medium (12" long x 10" deep; up to 8 lbs)
* Large (15" long x 12" deep; up to 14 lbs)
* Extra Large (18" long x 14" deep; up to 20 lbs)

Handmade in the U.S.A., please allow 15 business days to have your custom-made bag made.