Winter Fleece Harness Jumper Jacket

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Orson -09-1-1
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This winter fleece with integrated harness jumper jacket will surely keep your furry friend warm through the cold season. It features a front side zipper closure and fits like a vest (the collar portion).

Refer to image of the size chart for proper sizing. It is important to measure your furry friend with a tape measure according to the size chart. If measurements fall in between sizes, it is usually better to go up a size. Always use actual measurements. Please note that when measuring your dog for clothing, it's very important to have an accurate measurement of your dog's neck and chest girth. IMPORTANT: Please note that when measuring, the measurement for the neck must be taken at the BASE OF THE NECK and chest girth must be taken behind the front legs. Also important to take into account the size of the dog's head. Some dogs have a much larger head than their neck, so be sure that the neck opening is large enough to slide over your dog's head.

* Winter fleece vest with integrated harness
* Front side zipper closure
* Super fluffy furry collar